September 30, 2021

Burgum Appoints Cruger to North Dakota Workforce Development Council


Governor Doug Burgum has appointed Becca Cruger, workforce development manager at the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation (EDC), to the North Dakota Workforce Development Council. The Council serves as the state’s workforce innovation and opportunity board. The role of the Council is to advise the Governor and the public concerning the nature and extent of workforce development in the context of North Dakota’s economic development needs, and how to meet these needs effectively while maximizing the efficient use of available resources and avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort.

“I’m so honored Governor Burgum has appointed me to the North Dakota Workforce Development Council,” said Cruger. “I’m excited to continue building an exceptional workforce development system for our great State!”

Some of the Council’s responsibilities to the Governor include:

  • Identify the workforce needs of the state and recommend steps for meeting those needs
  • Establish goals for the development and coordination of the education, employment, and training systems in the state
  • Evaluate progress toward meeting the goals and strategies identified
  • Recommend new policy directions or legislation proposed at the state or federal level, and determine opportunities for North Dakota as the result of those initiatives
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with economic development and workforce initiatives
  • Review the workforce development system and how the system creates collaboration between students, educators and employers in North Dakota and shall make recommendations toward ensuring their effectiveness and coordination



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