Klaus Thiessen Impact Award

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Klaus Thiessen Impact Award

The Grand Forks region is full of success stories. The Klaus Thiessen Impact Award represents our appreciation of these outstanding community members who make a positive impact on our economic growth and prosperity. Each year, the Grand Forks Region EDC board of directors recognizes an exceptional business or individual that represents these values. In 2017 the award was named in honor of Klaus Thiessen, who served as the organization’s president & CEO for 14 years.

Corporate Honoree

Primary sector businesses are recognized for significant contribution to the economic health of the Grand Forks region. Factors may include jobs creation, capital investment, partnerships, relevance to the primary sector, and overall economic impact.

Individual Honoree

This honor recognizes a person who, by his or her actions, invests time and talent to improve and/or enhance the economic growth of the region.

2022 Individual Honoree

Wes Rydell

2021 Individual Honoree

Lonnie Laffen

2020 Corporate Honoree

Acme Tools

2019 Individual Honoree

Steve Burian

2018 Individual Honoree

John Schmisek

2017 Corporate Honoree

PS Doors

2017 Special Recognition

Klaus Thiessen

2017 Individual Honoree

Bill Burga Jr.

2016 Individual Honoree

Hal Gershman

2015 Individual Honoree

Phil Gisi

2015 Corporate Honoree

Cirrus Aircraft

2014 Individual Honoree

Dave Britton

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