The Grand Forks Region EDC board of directors recognizes outstanding businesses and individuals making a positive impact on economic growth and prosperity in the Grand Forks region. Honorees selected at the board’s discretion and are recognized at the EDC’s annual meeting.

Business Honoree

Primary sector businesses are recognized for significant contribution to the economic health of the Grand Forks region. Factors may include jobs creation, capital investment, partnerships, relevance to the primary sector, and overall economic impact.

Individual Honoree

This honor recognizes a person who, by his or her actions, invests time and talent to improve and/or enhance the economic growth of the region.

Picture of Hal Gershman
2016 Individual Honoree

Hal Gershman

“Hal has channeled his passion for Grand Forks into an investment of time and talent that has impacted many facts important to building a community that attracts business growth,” said EDC Board Chair Dwight Thompson. “I am very optimistic about the future of Grand Forks and would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity over the years to participate in the well-being and growth of one of Amercia’s great small cities,” Gershman said.

Picture of Phil Gisi
2015 Individual Honoree

Phil Gisi

``His investment in Grand Forks is shifting downtown development and is among the reasons for renewed excitement in spurring additional growth in the heart of our region,`` said EDC Board Chair Steve Burian about 2015 honoree Phil Gisi. ``I never expected to get an award for something I love to do,`` Gisi said.

Picture of Cirrus Aircraft
2015 Business Honoree

Cirrus Aircraft

``Cirrus Aircraft's investment and growth here positions our region for additional investment in this sector,`` said EDC Board Chair Steve Burian as he presented CEO Dale Klapmeier with a corporate Impact Award, honoring the company's commitment to and investment in Grand Forks. ``I am here literally to thank Grand Forks for our survival. We wouldn’t be here without the help of this community,” Klapmeier said.

Picture of Dave Britton
2014 Individual Honoree

Dave Britton

``There are many factors that lead to economic growth,`` said EDC Board Chair Steve Burian (pictured left). ``Among them are people who are dedicated to building their businesses here, creating opportunities for employees to grow, and advocating for their communities.``