The Grand Forks Region EDC monitors categories which align with the goals of the region’s economic development activities.

  • Growth
  • Productivity
  • Prosperity

We use these metrics to evaluate the regional economy’s performance and make decisions about economic development priorities.

Growth: Jobs

The region’s overall job growth exceeds others in the upper Great Plains. The region experienced especially strong growth in 2011-12 and another spurt in 2013-14.

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Highlight: Growth

Grand Forks region job growth is 14.5% since 2003, more than 4% higher than growth of other upper Great Plains states.

MSA Job Growth Since 2003

Job growth percentage. 3-month rolling average, seasonally adjusted.

Growth: Gross Product

Gross regional product (GRP) is a measure of the total value of products and services produced by our local economy. The Grand Forks region’s value outpaces the nation. Per capita, the region’s GRP per person has grown at about 2.5 times the national rate since 2001.

Highlight: Growth

The size of the Grand Forks region economy by dollar value grew 30% since 2001, beating the national avaerage of 24%. Per capita GRP is up 23% since 2001, about 2.5 times the national growth rate.

GRP Growth

  • Real GRP: MSA
  • Real GRP: Nation
  • MSA: Per Capita
  • Nation:Per Capita

Productivity: Earnings per worker

The region’s earnings per worker, which includes wages, salaries, and proprietor earnings, averaged $38,700 for all jobs in the region. The region’s economy is dominated by stable, institutionally oriented sectors – education, health care, and government – which provides a stable economic foundation.

Our growth of high-value traded industries is having a positive impact on this measure: earnings are up 15% since 2006, compared to 5% in upper Great Plains states.

Highlight: Productivity

Earnings per worker, at $38,700, is growing faster than the Upper Great Plains states, up 15% in the past decade - a sign that the Grand Forks region is continuing to add high-value jobs

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Highlight: Median Family Income

The $68,300 median family income in the Grand Forks region exceeds the national average of $65,443

Prosperity: Median Family Income

Median family income looks at households where two or more residents are related, adjusting for the region’s weighted college-age demographic, which is a significant percentage of our overall population. When evaluating the impact of economic development, median family income is a more reflective measure of the growth of high-wage jobs in the region.